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  1. hri_legibility.jpg
    Workspace Optimization Techniques to Improve Prediction of Human Motion During Human-Robot Collaboration
    Yi-Shiuan Tung, Matthew B. Luebbers, Alessandro Roncone, and Bradley Hayes
    To Appear at the International Conference on Human Robot Interaction (HRI), 2024


  1. navigation_exp.jpg
    Improving Human Legibility in Collaborative Robot Tasks through Augmented Reality and Workspace Preparation
    Yi-Shiuan Tung, Matthew B. Luebbers, Alessandro Roncone, and Bradley Hayes
    6th International Workshop on Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed-Reality for Human-Robot Interactions (VAM-HRI), 2023


  1. bilevel_opt.png
    Bilevel Optimization for Just-in-Time Robotic Kitting and Delivery via Adaptive Task Segmentation and Scheduling
    Yi-Shiuan Tung, Kayleigh Bishop, Bradley Hayes, and Alessandro Roncone
    31st IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN), 2022
  2. pokerrt.png
    PokeRRT: Poking as a Skill and Failure Recovery Tactic for Planar Non-Prehensile Manipulation
    Anuj Pasricha, Yi-Shiuan Tung, Bradley Hayes, and Alessandro Roncone
    IEEE Robotics Automation and Letters, 2022


  1. flexible_assembly.png
    Simulation and Analytical Models of Flexible, Robotic Automotive Assembly Line
    Yi-Shiuan Tung, Michael Kelessoglou, Matthew Gombolay, and Julie Shah
    Technical Report, 2019


  1. Analytical and simulation models for flexible, robotic automotive assembly lines
    Yi-Shiuan Tung