Yi-Shiuan Tung

1111 Engineering Dr. ECES 111A

Computer Science Dept, University of Colorado

Boulder, 80309 CO, USA

I am a PhD Student at CU Boulder co-advised by Professor Alessandro Roncone and Professor Bradley Hayes. My research interests are in task and role allocation and enabling fluid coordination among human-robot teams. In order to incorporate robots into human teams, robots need explainable task representations and better understanding of the team dynamics to be an effective member. In particular, I want to answer the following questions: How can the robot decompose complex tasks and find the optimal role assignments for the team? How can the robot negotiate roles to optimize the performance of the team?

Previously, I worked with Professor Julie Shah at MIT on flexible assembly lines for human-robot collaboration. I received my Masters in Engineering and Bachelors Degree in Computer Science at MIT in 2018 and 2015 respectively.


  1. PokeRRT: Poking as a skill and failure recovery tactic for planar non-prehensile manipulation
    Anuj Pasricha, Yi-Shiuan Tung, Bradley Hayes, and Alessandro Roncone
    In review. 2021
  2. Simulation and Analytical Models of Flexible, Robotic Automotive Assembly Line
    Yi-Shiuan Tung, Michael Kelessoglou, Matthew Gombolay, and Julie Shah
    Unpublished Manuscript 2019
  3. Tung, Y.-S. (2018). Analytical and simulation models for flexible, robotic automotive assembly lines [Thesis]. http://dspace.mit.edu/handle/1721.1/119702